GUIDE line

1. To help learners to understand the use of basic modal verbs in a different purpose.
2. For learners to be able to choose the right modal verb in the proper purpose.
3. To prepare learners about the use of basic modal verbs to learn more about modal verbs in a higher level.
Skill           Grammar
Level         Elementary
Time          60 minutes for the whole package
Task outline 5 topic:
-modal verbs for obligation/necessity
-modal verbs for ability
-modal verbs for possibility
-modal verbs for advice and suggestion
-modal verbs for permission and requests
1. Firstly, you do diagnostic test to determine your understanding of basic modal verbs.
2. After you finish diagnostic test, you have to check your score and go study the content if your score is lower than 10.
3. Finally, after you study, you must should take the last quiz and check your score at the end of the book to know if you understand the lessons clearly.