Activity IIWhy work?

People have so many reasons for working. What about you?
Think of reasons why you want to work after you graduate from university.
Some have been done for you, add more reasons for working, and then score yourself from 1 to 5.
1 not important at all 2 not very important 3 quite important 4 Important 5 very important

Reasons for working

Score Score
1. To make money. 6.
2. To help other people. 7.
3. To learn new skills./span> 8.
4. To do something useful. 9.
5. To travel 10.
Total score
Under 15: You will have to win a lot of money or marry a millionaire because you have no interest in work!
15-30: You must be more positive or you will never be happy in your job.
Over 30: You are quite interested in working, but you can also see the positive side of not working.
Over 40: You are quite interested in working. Good luck with your future.