Final Quiz

Instruction: Choose the right position (a, b or c) for given adjectives in the following items.
1. Adjective: healthy
T try not to _(a)_ eat fast food because I would _(b)_ like to be _(c)_.

2. Adjective: unbelievable
Harry will _(a)_ not talk anything _(b)_ anymore from now _(c)_ on.

3. Adjective: easy
The test _(a)_ looks _(b)_ to me _(c)_ this time.

4. Adjective: similar
Your red hat _(a)_ is _(b)_ to mine _(c)_.

5. Adjective: new
Your _(a)_ red _(b)_ headphone is so _(c)_ cool.

6. Adjective: valuable
Jack asks Patty _(a)_ to make _(b)_ this old stuff _(c)_.

7. Adjective: famous
Last year, Victoria's shop _(a)_ was _(b)_ very _(c)_ on the internet.

8. Adjective: exhausted
Do _(a)_ you feel _(b)_ after studying _(c)_ all night?

9. Adjective: blue
Jenna is _(a)_ wearing _(b)_ fashionable _(c)_ jeans yesterday.

10. Adjective: glad
Barry _(a)_ is _(b)_ very _(c)_ to have a baby.

11. Adjective: ready
Is _(a)_ everyone _(b)_ to go? The car is _(c)_ waiting outside.

12. Adjective: luxurious
This is _(a)_ the most _(b)_ beach resort that I have _(c)_ ever seen.

13. Adjective: dangerous
Can _(a)_ you promise me not to go _(b)_ anywhere _(c)_?

14. Adjective: concerned
I am _(a)_ quite _(b)_ about _(c)_ your big problem.

15. Adjective: stunned
He became _(a)_ after seeing that _(b)_ his safe was _(c)_ opened.