Diagnostic Test

Instruction: Choose the right position (a, b or c) for given adjectives in the following items.
1. Adjective : wonderful
Peter_(a)_finds a_(b)_ place_(c)_ for his summer vacation.

2. Adjective : delicious
My_(a)_ grandmother gave me_(c)_ something_(c)_ for breakfast.

3. Adjective : nice
This orange juice_(a)_ tastes so_(b)_and makes_(c)_me fresh.

4. Adjective : similar
Your colorful backpack is_(a)_to one_(b)_of my_(c)_sister’s bag.

5. Adjective : boring
Sometimes, _(a)_ my work_(b)_ becomes_(c)_ like she said.

6. Adjective : addicted
I am_(a)_to_(b)_ drink a cup of coffee_(c)_before work.

7. Adjective : Japanese
Have you seen my_(a)_new small_(b)_brown_(c)_car?

8. Adjective : tired
We will_(a)_be_(b)_after_(c)_ this field trip.

9. Adjective : able
Payton’s brother will_(a)_be_(b)_to_(c)_win this game tonight.

10. Adjective : alone
My brother_(a)_always_(b)_leaves my dog_(c)_in the garage.

11. Adjective : interesting
Your summer holiday_(a)_plan_(b)_sounds_(c)_than I thought.

12. Adjective : romantic
I still believe that Paris is the_(a)_most_(b)_city in_(c)_ the world.

13. Adjective : available
She said that he had_(a)_already_(b)_booked all the tickets_(c)_.

14. Adjective : worried
Tim is_(a)_about his son_(b)_ who often_(c)_skips a class.

15. Adjective : smart
Most of heroes we see_(a)_in the movies are _(b)_very_(c)_.