Adjectives normally used before nouns


✪ To help you understand and correctly use adjectives preceding nouns in sentences.


In this set, you will learn another position of adjectives, which is adjectives preceding nouns. Start learning the contents and don't forget to practice an exercise. Adjectives normally used before nouns Adjectives are normally used before nouns that they modify. They are called as "attributive adjectives" or adjectives in attributive position. Attributive adjectives function as a noun modifier that gives more information to a following noun.
Adjective + noun is called "a noun phrase", a phrase that has a noun as a head.

Here are some examples:
beautiful countries
beautiful + countries
(adjective) (noun)
expensive tickets
expensive + tickets
(adjective) (noun)
big colorful backpacks
big + colorful + backpacks
(adjective) (adjective) (noun)


If there is more than one adjective, adjectives must be arranged by their types:
opinion + size + age + shape + color + origin + material + purpose + noun


Instruction: Select the right position (a, b or c) for given adjectives in the following items.

1. Adjective: chic
I love _(a)_ to read books _(b)_ in a _(c)_ coffee cafe.

2. Adjective: cheap
Jane has _(a)_ already got _(b)_ flight tickets _(c)_ for us.

3. Adjective: Italian
That _(a)_ restaurant is _(b)_ a _(c)_ good choice for us.

4. Adjective: young
Linda is going to the _(a)_ airport to pick up _(b)_ their _(c)_ friends.

5. Adjective: red
I will go back to chiang Mai by _(a)_ that _(b)_ big _(c)_ bus.