School of Liberal Arts,
Mae Fah Luang University

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Office Hours

Monday - Friday : 8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

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Vision and Mission


SALLC will bring out the language learning potential of students' independent study and drive changes in their learning strategies by providing excellent services and facilities for both student and staff.


SALLC is a fully integrated independent language learning center, committed to promoting a sense of independent study for lifelong learning that contributes to the language proficiency development of learners from our well-trained staff in a friendly, lively and smart atmosphere.



We offer various kinds of books labeled by different colors based on the skills focused in each book or category it belongs.


We have selections of both movies and English Teaching DVDs that can entertain you and help you feel familiar with English spoken in real life as well.

Computers and Internet Access

At SALLC, you can enjoy surfing the Internet to explore websites for educational purpose.


Tired of studying all day? Our game zone is here for you! You can have fun with various kinds of games in our relaxing playground-like area.

Learning material for Courses

Feel free to try some these learning materials as you wish and don’t be surprised if your English is amazingly improved!

Rules and Regulations

1. Bags are not allowed in SALLC.
2. Do not leave your bags in front of SALLC, unless you put them in the lockers.
3. Students need to bring their personal lock and key.
4. Food and Beverage are not allowed.
5. Please return all used materials to their original positions.
6. Do not bring SALLC's materials out. Any suspicious act of doing so will not be tolerance and will be resulted falling of all courses registered.
7. Please dress properly.
8. Pets are not allowed.

Committee and Staffs